What Inspired Photo Story Blogging?

In short, @JAHArtHouse.

For the past two years, I've run an art space with my partner in Bedstuy named @JAHArtHouse. The house name is a derivative of our names, Jazz and Hack = JAH. The space is a mixed art duplex with a gallery of my photographic work upstairs and photo & audio studios downstairs. The wall directly across from the upstairs entrance boasts a magnificent 6-foot window adjacent to my most notable photo series, "Grillz".


Every time someone enters the space for the first time, they ask me, "Did you take all of these?" "How did you get all these images?" "How did you get them to open their mouth for you?" to which I've developed an automatic response, "each one is different story". I then ask them which one they want to hear, as many of the images have rich histories and are interconnected with other pictures on the walls.

The visiting guests allow for a warm, personal interaction with one of a kind cultural exchange, but often that's where the discussion ends. This blog allows me to continue the discussions of the work with a larger audience and generate inspiration for others.

Hope you all enjoy.

Jazz Shoots