I'm making available for rent my working space to any creators in or visiting the New York City area. Upstairs has a calm gallery setting which rotates much of my photographic series. The space includes fast wifi, snacks and more. In total, the space is a 1,000 square foot duplex, conveniently located in BedStuy, bordering Bushwick.

While the upper level lets in an enormous amount of light and an intimate view of city life, it also has great sound proofing and acoustics to maintain a quiet workspace. It is ideal for shooting, working or relaxing. The lower level also hosts an open space, without windows--making it perfect for studio shooting. Downstairs we have available photography and videography studio equipment, consisting of lighting, backdrop selections and more. There is also a soundproofed recording studio and a second room for preparation, styling, and more. As if it could not get any better, we also have a fully finished, gorgeous roof with a small garden, seating and an unparalleled view of Brooklyn and Manhattan.

Contact me if you would like to visit and view the space. To book, click the links below: